A And G Dance Solos

All dancers attending the 2019 Nationals are invited to participate. The top ten scoring solos in the Artists In Training (Ages 7 – 10), Junior (Ages 11 – 14) and.

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4:47p Stage1 Coronet Man — Rhythm Dance Company (Senior Jazz Solo). Sara G. with First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Elite Gold and 6th overall teen.

Join the best dance studio in Atlanta to learn Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Salsa, numerous awards for her solos at dance competitions throughout the state. TLC, and he has worked with choreographers Tony G (“Bring It On”), Jesse Santos.

Performed by P/G Elite and P/G Dream Team. Elite Top First Award, First Place Overall Rising Stars Petite Solos 8 years old and under, Rising Stars Miss.

Dance Studio servicing Port Orange and Daytona Beach specializing in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip Hop group and private dance instruction.

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Mar 18, 2019. Solo. Concord Dance. Academy. ~ Mini ~ Sapphire ~ Duet/Trio. PLACEMENT. 361 ~ JACK WADE ~ YOUNG G ~ Hip Hop ~ LA Beatz Dance.

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Club ZAK hereby announces The SOLO DANCE CONTEST 2019 a contest for a short. The SOLO DANCE CONTEST is part of the Gdansk Dance Festival. kasa Klubu Żak codziennie w godzinach od 15.00 do 21.00 (w sb i nd od g.16.00 ).

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